Volunteer Advocate Success Stories

CASA volunteers love what they do! Hear what some of them are saying about their experience with serving our community foster children, and why they became CASA volunteers.

Helping to make a foster child’s life a little easier brings great purpose and satisfaction to my own life.”

“When I see the need of the children in the foster care system in my community, I am not only moved with compassion, but I am driven to help them find a safe, permanent home with people who love and care for them.”

“I became a CASA volunteer to be the voice of the foster child I advocate for in the courts and in the community.”

“Every child deserves to have their basic needs met and to live in a healthy, trauma-free environment. I am helping to make that happen for them when I advocate for their best interests.” 

“My experience in advocating for children in the foster care system is one of the greatest things I have ever done. Children want someone to listen to them. They want to share their dreams and hopes for the future. When you know you are playing a vital role in listening and helping their dreams and hopes come true, it surpasses everything!”